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S10 E1 Welcome Back Larpcast | New Game System

S10 E1 Welcome Back Larpcast | New Game System

S10 E1 Welcome Back Larpcast | New Game System

In the latest installment of the LarpCast podcast, Season 10 Episode 1, Ryan Artenen, one of the pioneering volunteers behind LarpCraft, takes listeners on a detailed journey through the evolution and future direction of their live action role-playing (LARP) community. This episode is not just a reflection on past achievements but a forward-looking plan for revitalizing and enriching the LARP experience through a new game system named “Viscentia.”

The Genesis and Growth of LarpCraft

Ryan begins by reminiscing about the inception of LarpCraft in 2010. From humble beginnings with a handful of players, LarpCraft expanded into a large community, attracting players from across the globe, including Australia, Iceland, Puerto Rico, and various parts of the United States and Canada. This growth was driven by a vibrant, creative community dedicated to enriching the LARP experience.

Shifting Paradigms: New Directions in LARP

Transitioning into the core of the episode, Ryan introduces “Viscentia,” a new historical fantasy game set mainly in the pre-16th century Renaissance period. What sets Viscentia apart is its commitment to incorporating only fantasy elements that can be traced to historical texts, manuscripts, and artwork—stripping away the modern literary and game-derived fantasy components to root the gameplay in elements that participants can learn from while they play.

Innovations in Community Engagement

One of the standout features of this episode is Ryan’s emphasis on community engagement through innovative methods. He discusses how LarpCraft used written forums and real-world mail correspondence to keep players connected between games. Players would send letters to each other, mimicking historical correspondence complete with wax seals and heraldry, enriching the immersive experience. This not only kept the community active but also deepened the historical authenticity of the interaction.

Transitioning Platforms: Enhancing Digital Interaction

Ryan details the technical transitions underway, from moving their platform from XenForo to WordPress, to restructuring the online presence to better support the decentralization of game systems. This shift aims to allow each game system to flourish independently while still under the overarching brand of LarpCraft, enhancing the sense of ownership among participants and streamlining the user experience.

Challenges and Solutions

Throughout the podcast, Ryan is candid about the challenges faced by the LARP community, from the complexity of rules that might deter new players to the logistical difficulties of managing a growing international community. His solutions are pragmatic, focusing on simplifying participation rules and utilizing digital tools to maintain and grow the community’s engagement.

Looking Forward: The Future of LARP

As LarpCast moves into its tenth season, the focus is clear: to revive the core elements that made LarpCraft successful while innovating to meet the needs of today’s LARPers. Ryan’s vision for Viscentia is a game that balances the historical and fantastical, the educational and the entertaining, aiming to attract a diverse new wave of participants.


Season 10, Episode 1 of LarpCast sets an ambitious blueprint for the future of LARP. Ryan Arterton’s thoughtful reflections and strategic innovations offer a promising outlook for both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of live action role-playing. As LarpCraft evolves, it continues to blaze a trail for a more inclusive and historically enriched LARPing experience.

Listeners and LARP enthusiasts can look forward to more updates and insights as the new system develops, promising to keep the spirit of adventure, community, and historical appreciation alive in the world of LARP.

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