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S10 E3 LarpCast Kim Adkins Interview looking at the Society of the Middle Ages (SMA) LARP, Author, Artist

S10 E3 LarpCast Kim Adkins Interview looking at the Society of the Middle Ages (SMA) LARP, Author, Artist

S10 E3 LarpCast Kim Adkins Interview looking at the Society of the Middle Ages (SMA) LARP, Author, Artist

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we delve into the enchanting world of historical reenactment and the dedicated community that brings the richness of the past to life. Today, we spotlight a unique podcast episode from the “LARPcast,” a series that explores the fascinating intersection of role-playing, history, and community building.

Episode Overview

In a recent episode of the “LARPcast,” host Ryan Harden welcomed a very special guest, Kim Adkins, a cornerstone of the LARP community in Wisconsin. Kim’s involvement spans over many years, crafting engaging experiences that immerse participants in historical narratives and reenactments across the country.

Meet Kim Adkins

Kim introduces herself as an author, artist, and a self-described “nerd” who is deeply entrenched in the world of LARP (Live Action Role Play). Her passion for making history both accessible and entertaining is evident as she discusses her various projects.

Kim’s awesome Painted Glass – https://kims-glass.com

Kim’s Author Site – https://k-brunner.wixsite.com/nungai

Middle Aged Men at Arms

One of the standout projects Kim discusses is “Middle Aged Men at Arms,” a YouTube series created by her husband. The series cleverly plays with the dual meaning of “middle-aged”—referring both to men who are middle-aged in the modern sense and their exploration of the Middle Ages through historical reenactment. The show aims to educate viewers on 14th-century living history, delving into the details of daily life, combat, and more, all while maintaining a humorous and engaging tone. This unique series provides a portal back in time, showing the intricacies of historical combat and the lifestyle of the past, making it a fantastic resource for those interested in the historical accuracy of the Middle Ages.

The Society of the Middle Ages (SOMA)

Kim is actively involved in the Society of the Middle Ages (SMA), an organization dedicated to historical reenactments that blend experimental archaeology, living history, and historical European martial arts. SMA’s mission is to foster a deep appreciation of history through accurate portrayals and immersive experiences. Their website, sma-inc.org, offers resources and information on their various events and educational initiatives, reflecting their commitment to authenticity and educational outreach.

The Role of Reenactment

Kim emphasizes the importance of detailed, accurate portrayals in their reenactments. She is currently working on historically accurate costumes and equipment, including a dress from a mid-15th century Spanish Book of Hours and a surcoat based on Edward the Black Prince’s coat. These projects highlight the meticulous research and commitment to authenticity that defines their group’s efforts.

Community and Inclusion

The podcast touches on the supportive and inclusive nature of the LARP community. Kim describes how they provide loaner equipment for newcomers to ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy the experience, regardless of their background or resources. This inclusivity is a core value of their community, helping to expand the appeal of historical reenactment.

Educational Impact

Beyond entertainment, Kim and her colleagues see their work as a form of educational outreach. By engaging in hands-on historical reenactments, participants gain a tangible connection to the past, which can be more impactful than traditional academic study. This approach also aids in the preservation and dissemination of historical practices and knowledge.


The episode with Kim Adkins offers a compelling look at how historical reenactment and LARPing can bridge the gap between past and present, education and entertainment. Through her dedication and creativity, Kim showcases the power of community and shared experiences in keeping history alive and relevant.

For those interested in learning more about Kim’s work or joining their next reenactment event, visit the Society of the Middle Ages at sma-inc.org and stay tuned to the LARPcast for more inspiring stories and educational content. Whether you’re a history buff, a LARP enthusiast, or simply curious about new ways to experience the past, Kim Adkins and the vibrant community she represents are sure to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience.

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